Judith Neilson Projects

JN Projects is a benevolent arts organisation established under the continuing leadership of Judith Neilson.

Our motivating belief is that the arts and architecture make a vital global contribution to humanity.

We aim to help the world’s most talented artists, performers and architects to grow and prosper. By doing so, we contribute to the expansion of creative ideas. Through this, we strive to benefit artists and architects, and all those who explore their work – in all the world’s places and cultures.

Judith Neilson’s cultural entities and projects include:

  • The White Rabbit Collection: The world’s largest and most significant collection of Chinese contemporary art
  • White Rabbit Gallery: The much-loved Chinese art destination in Sydney, Australia
  • Phoenix Central Park: A platform for the international exposure of extraordinary performing artists
  • JN Projects Architecture: Investments in outstanding modern urban architecture.
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