1 March – 1 August 2012


DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE contains more surprises than ever. Spread over the Gallery’s four floors, the works in this new display show just part of the world-renowned collection of Judith Neilson- the largest private collection of Chinese contemporary art in the world.

This exhibition will make you marvel, laugh, look, think, and look again. DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE includes a dazzling installation made from discarded lamps, an ancient wall covered with runes in a strangely contemporary language, a video installation that wittily fuses 20th and 21st-century notions of modernity, and a heart-shaped network of blood vessels that is literally ice cold.

The show takes viewers on a magical journey from China via Taiwan to the West and back, through a dizzying variety of genres and styles, from traditional aesthetics to pop, and political commentary to comedy with imaginative leaps and twists that will stay with you long after you return home.

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE is drawn completely from Judith Neilson’s renowned White Rabbit Collection.
CURATOR: Paris Neilson

Please click on the artists’ names below to discover more information about each artist and their work.


Jiao Xingtao
Green Diary, 2007,
fibreglass, 108 x 108 x 24 cm
Happily Forgotten, 2007, 
fibreglass, 90 x 300 x 60 cm

Liao Chien-Chung
Garbage Truck, 2011,
mixed media, 238 x 208 x 230 cm
Transformer Box, 2011, 
mixed media, 138 x 174 x 113 cm

Xu Zhen (produced by MadeIn Co), Spread B-041, 2010,
synthetic fabrics, cotton, acrylic fur, cord, thread, 320 x 508 cm

Wang Yuyang
Breathe—ATM, 2011,
silicone, motor, inductor, steel,
170 x 90 x 130 cm


Chen Chun-Hao
Imitating ‘Travellers Among Mountains and Streams’ by Fan Kuan of the Song Dynasty, 2011,
nails on board, 345 x 170 x 6 cm

Chen Chunmu
Untitled 1, Untitled 3, Untitled 8,
Untitled 9
, all 2006,
acrylic and ink on canvas, 200 x 160 cm
Untitled series, 2005, watercolour on paper, 51 x 37 cm x 8 pieces

Huang Zhen
Landscape Series, 2010,
wire, 260 x 140 x 160, 95 x 95 x 40,
160 x 72 x 95 cm

Solar, 2010, lampholders, LEDs, wires, microchips, computer

Song Hongquan
After the Stone Age, 2011,
granite, 77 pieces, various sizes, dimensions variable

Tu Wei-Cheng
Bu Num Civilisation Revealed, 2011,
fake stone, 230 x 210 cm

Wu Chi-Tsung
Wire IV, 2009,
metal, glass, acrylic, dimensions variable

Wu Jian’an
Gazing at the Moon, 2011; Fuxi, 2011; Fused in Desire, 2011,
all papercuts, 250 x 200 cm

Zhou Yunxia
Mystery—Asking Heaven, 2003-2006,
ink on rice paper, 200 x 400 cm


Chen Wan-Jen
Bill goes on Vacation, 2008,
video (colour, sound). 7 min 36 sec
Passage, 2008, 
video (colour, sound), 2 min
The Unconscious Voyage, 2008, 
video (colour, sound), 3 min

Fung Ming Chip
Departure, Sand Script, 2010,
Chinese ink on paper, 138 x 145 cm

Han Wuzhou
Rings, 2011, plastic bags, 310 x 310 cm

Liao Yuan
Insomnia 1–4, 2010,
chromogenic color prints, 85 x 65 cm

Scripting, 2011,
fluorescent tubes, mixed media, dimensions variable

Wang Duo
Old Brands Made New, 2011,
video on HD screen, ten LCD monitors
(58 cm or 81 cm diagonal)

Wu Daxin
Ashley’s Heart, 2011,
bronze tubes, refrigeration compressor, dimensions variable

Xie Kun
Transformation, 2011,
mixed media on canvas, 200 x 414 cm


Cai Lijuan
Linear Space Series 1–5, 2011,
mixed media, 125 x 125 cm

Michael Lin
Untitled Gathering, 2008,
emulsion on wood stools, 320 pieces, total 446 x 452 x 28 cm

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