Phoenix Performing Art Series

Erin Helyard conducts

Genre: Classical
Giovanni Gabrieli:
Jubilate Deo a 10 – Symphoniae Sacrae

Andrew and Erin perform for Phoenix Central Park at Dangrove

Andrew Goodwin and Erin Helyard

Genre: Classical
Beethoven, Schubert, Müller


A close up of Blair Harris Moore playing cello for Phoenix Central Park

Blair Harris

Genre: Cello recital
Moore: Whoever You Are Come Forth


Cellist, Blair Harris, performance for Phoenix Central Park at Dangrove, Sydney

Blair Harris

Genre: Cello recital
Cello: Blair Harris; Music: Karen Tanaka
The Song of Songs for amplified cello and pre-recorded sounds

Ambre Hammond and Marcello Maio

Genre: Contemporary
Piazzola: Oblivion

Continuum Sax

Genre: Classical
Live at Phoenix Central Park.

Pushkin Trio

Genre: Classical
Maria Timofeeva (Soprano)
Andrew Goodwin (Tenor/Violin)
Nena Beretin (Guitar)

Ksenia Gnevsheva

Genre: Poetry recital
Selected Poems by Alexander Pushkin
read by Dr Ksenia Gnevsheva,
courtesy of Australian National University

David Rowden and Maria Raspopova

Genre: Classical
George Palmer: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Black, White and a Little Blue (2010). George Palmer AM QC wrote this as an engagement gift for Maria and David.


Genre: Japanese Drums
Pearl: Ian Cleworth White Bird: John Cleworth (music), Bokusui Wakayama (words);
Tomoko Oka: Calligraphy Artist


Genre: Japanese Drums
Oku-Shirane: Kerryn Joyce (music) / Maeda Fura (words) Ian Cleworth, Kerryn Joyce, Sophia Ang Ryuji, Hamada Sophie Unsen, Claudia Wherry


Genre: Japanese Drums
Fields: Ian Cleworth
Ian Cleworth (Taikoz Artistic Director), Kerryn Joyce, Sophia Ang, Ryuji Hamada

Renowned Harpist Alice Giles performs for Phoenix Central Park at Dangrove

Alice Giles

Genre: Classical
Bach Trans. Alice Giles: Suite Lute BWV 996 in E minor; Berio: Sequenza II; Salzedo: Ballade Opus 28; Debussy: Girl with the Flaxen Hair; Salzedo: Song in the Night

Andrew Goodwin and Daniel de Borah perform for Phoenix Central Park at Dangrove, Sydney

Andrew Goodwin and Daniel de Borah

Genre: Classical
Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff
Andrew Goodwin (Tenor),
Daniel de Borah (Piano)

The Tango Saloon

Julian Curwin (Guitar); Elana Stone (Vocals);
John Hibbard (Trombone); Sam Golding (Trumpet);
Tom Botting (Double Bass); Marcello Maio (Accordion); Danny Heifetz (Drums); Jess Ciampa (Percussion)

Jack Thompson and William Barton

Genre: Improvisation
Jack Thompson AM (Harmonica); William Barton (Didgeridoo); Veronique Serret (Violin) and
Delmae Collins (Vocals)

Oscar Shoyo Wong

Genre: Classical
Chopin: Etude Opus 10 No. 1, 2, 4;
Bach: French Suite No. 5 BWV 816;
Beethoven: Sonata Opus 110; Chopin: Barcarolle Opus 60


Genre: Irish, folk
PJ Cullen (Guitar/Vocals), Suzanne Toomey (Vocals/Accordion/Tin Whistle), Fiona McVicar (Fiddle), William Barton (Didgeridoo)

Aaron Chen

Genre: Classical
Maurice Ravel: Ondine; Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird (L’oiseau de Feu); Trans. Guido Agosti: Danse Infernale; Frederick Chopin: Ballade 4  

Murilo Tanouye

Genre: Classical guitar
Antonio Lauro: Adreina; Antonio Lauro: El Negrito; Antonio Lauro: Natalia; Luiz Bonfá: Manhã de Carnaval; Renato Teixeira: Romaria

Garth Knight

Genre: Performance Art
Bridge is a site specific work made in response to Dangrove. It signifies the bridge, metaphorical or literal, that connects the two places or minds.

Duo Histoire

Genre: Classical
Performing live at Phoenix Central Park
Nick Russoniello (saxophone)
Murilo Tanouye (guitar)

Zane Banks and Jy-Perry Banks

Genre: Bluegrass, delta blues, honky-tonk and rockabilly on acoustic, electric and pedal steel guitars.
Zane Banks (electric guitar & vocals),
Jy-Perry Banks (acoustic and pedal steel guitars).

Brahms for Four Voices and Four Hands

Genre: Classical
Ian Munro (piano), Daniel de Borah (piano), Jacqueline Porter (soprano), Anna Dowsley (mezzo-soprano), Andrew Goodwin (tenor), David Greco (baritone)

Seven Harp Ensemble

Genre: Classical
Seven Harp Ensemble (SHE); Alice Giles Artistic Director, Genevieve Lang, Rowan Phemister, Ester Wong, Ingrid Bauer, Laura Tanata and William Nichols.

The Morrisons Live

Genre: Bluegrass, country, folk and rockabilly.
James Morrison (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica); Jimmy Daley (Vocals, Mandolin); Miles Fraser (Guitar); Anna McInerney (Vocals, Fiddle); Iain Tallis (Double bass).

Susan Killner 

Genre: Folk
All Around My Hat 
th Century English folk song

Gennady Savkov

Terza Madre

Jo Meares

Auld Lang Syne, Happy New Year 2019

Banjo Patterson’s The Man From Snowy River

Red Spaleto performs for Phoenix Central Park on the island of Kythira, Greece

Red Spaleto Live in Kythira

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