Wood supplied to the archive by He Yunchang

The Judith Neilson/White Rabbit Collection Archive was established in 2018 to support the documentation of the White Rabbit Collection as well as internal and external research activities. The Judith Neilson/White Rabbit Collection Archive includes donations from artists in the collection, such as sketches, plans, art materials, exhibition ephemera and documentary photographs, along with materials produced and assembled by the White Rabbit Collection Research Team, such as interviews and correspondence. Researchers can apply for access to the archive here. 2018年,白兔收藏文献库是为了支持白兔中国当代艺术收藏内外部的研究需求而成立,它主要是以由艺术家本人所捐赠的独一无二物品,包括草稿、创作计划、作品材料、展览和影像资料等等为主,还包括多年以来我们研究部所收藏的资料,例如艺术家采访和交流信函而组成。如果您想查询或使用文献库资料请在此点击链接的申请表。

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