“I’ve always believed that coding and painting are essentially the same.”

Born 1984, Xi’an, Shaanxi. Lives and works in Berlin.

aaajiao, a self-confessed screen addict, explores the interconnection between the real and online worlds. “The world online has become another side of man,” he says. Karesansui (the Japanese word for rock garden) and Anomaly give substance to computer-generated forms inspired by rocks and meteorites respectively. The Obj. series presents virtual images of real objects, and in Limited Landscape, Unlimited and Limited Landscape, Unlimited Floating, what appear to be stratigraphic models of the earth’s crust—one onscreen; the other a levitating 3D print—were created entirely on the computer. “Real and virtual are very close,” he says. “Nature and technology have a symbiotic relationship. It is not easy to distinguish between them.”

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