“I want to create more artworks which can make people think.”

Born 1974, Shanghai. Lives and works in Shanghai and Beijing.

Chen Hangfeng’s themes are as diverse as the media he employs, but they centre on social issues, from the craze for brand names to the growing tension in China between individualism and political control. In the Logomania series (2005-2006), he deftly folded well-known commercial logos into the patterns of seemingly traditional carpets and paper cuts. Invasive Species: Vegetables (2010) was prompted by the decision of Shanghai officials to ban the practice of planting private vegetable plots on public land. Many residents of government housing blocks flout the rule, stealing out at night to tend their secret gardens. In Chen Hangfeng’s light-box installation, vegetables like bok choy, carrot, and eggplant become sinister aliens with minds of their own. Cannot Help Them (Bubble City, Bubble Life) (2010) presents a cage filled with iridescent bubbles that the artist says represent human hopes. Escape seems easy, but the bubbles cannot get out.

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