“Nothing is impossible in my world.”

Born 1983, Shanghai

Chen Yun draws on a computer using Adobe Illustrator and describes the results as “digital painting”. Her style and colours are inspired by movies, animation and manga comics. The computer facilitates Chen Yun’s natural inclination to “escape the real world and get lost in my thoughts”.  But she insists that her kitschy, whimsical characters are not solely products of her imagination; they represent “people I see in everyday life”.  The ten figures in Who Am I? (2008) are labelled National Treasure, Punk, Tragic Actress, Mortgage Slave, Person in Mid-life Crisis, Member of Old Shanghai School Artists’ Association, E.T., The Ultimate Dreamer, Holy Mary, and Widow.  Each character’s clothing and accessories identify him or her as a member of a class, yet the similarity of their faces—and the work’s title—suggest that they are all aspects of the same person: the artist herself.

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