“This is an age of craziness. We have no choice but to be insanely excited and scream and shake as we go faster and faster.”

Born Changsha, Hunan (CZ 1978, HK 1980). Live and work in Beijing

Friends since childhood, Chen Zhuo and Huang Keyi find digital photography and Photoshop the perfect marriage of media for their exuberant view of the new China. Spending several weeks on each picture, they combine camera images and confected ones, duplicating, blending, adding and erasing. The China Carnival series (2007) depicts frenzied fun parks and crowded shopping malls where Mao Zedong bestows his blessing on the ecstatic masses and everyone is happy all the time. But the robotic poses and expressions of the identically dressed crowds suggest that the glee is exaggerated and the smiles compulsory. Other photos in the series show black limousines surrounded by corpses, and a missile silo where rows of troops applaud a group of female soldiers posing as a multi-armed kuanyin.

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