Born in Korea, 1952. Lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan

Chu Teh-I lived in Korea until he was 18 and then spent several years as a student in Paris, immersing himself in Western art. He was strongly influenced by Suprematism, which sought to convey feeling through pure geometric forms, and by the French Support/Surface movement, which set out to enliven painting by rediscovering its basic components—paint, stretcher and canvas (which could be anything from old rags to curtains)—and giving them equal weight in the finished work. Setting out to explore the beauty of pure form, Chu Teh-I treats the linen on which he paints as an element of the painting. His abstract paintings are noted for a wild exuberance of quasi-calligraphic forms, and the bold use of colours, which he often applies in overlapping layers.

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