“I wanted to find my own language of painting, a dialectic between the abstract and the figurative.”

Born 1976, An Yue County, Sichuan

Feng Zhengquan reads a lot.  He makes a point of reading because he wants his art to be informed by ideas as well as feelings, and because he wants to be confronted by ideas that are in conflict with his own.  The resulting “confusion and doubt” is an important source of inspiration, he says.  My Reading—Another Side (2010) shows “an aspect of books that we don’t usually notice.”  The artist presents a stack of books as seen from one end. From this perspective, covers, spines and content are all concealed: only the edges of the pages are visible.  “Advertisements” and arguments are supplanted by pattern and texture; the verbal gives way to the purely visual.  By presenting books as seemingly empty rectangles, the artist underscores by its absence the power of the printed word.

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