“I am just exploring interesting things and trying methods people have never used before.”

Born 1982, Chongqing, Sichuan

Guo Hongwei’s art is driven by nostalgia. “When I look at photos from my childhood, I don’t remember any pain, any sadness. All I remember are happy feelings,” he says. Much of his career has been a quest for ways to depict his recollections with the blurry uncertainty of memory itself: his first exhibition was titled “Dissolving Memories”. Through ceaseless experimentation, he has developed some unusual techniques. In one series, he pooled diluted oil paints in shades of grey and blue, then manipulated the mixture into ghostly yet lifelike images. For Paradise (2008), he painted the figures of playing children in polypropylene resin, then separated the hardened resin from its backing to create literally scuptural paintings.  More recently, he has shifted to watercolours, making pale, blurry pictures of multiple mundane objects, from toothbrushes to thimbles. “I like a wet effect,” he says. “I don’t like edges or anything sharp.”

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