“Guo Tianyi creates artworks as if he were in the middle of a time-consuming religious ritual.” —Peng Wei

Born 1987, Jilin City, Jilin

Realistic pencil drawing may seem outdated in an age of video and computer graphics, but for Guo Tianyi it is as exciting as any high-tech medium. Still, he can’t resist using cameras and computers to make his pictures dance. His video What to See (2012) resembles a flip-book animation, with 2700 separate drawings, edits and erasures made on a single page and screened in rapid succession. The flickering frames, some blurred by inserting a sheet of damp glass between the page and the camera lens, convert a neat colonnade of beech and poplar trees into a rain-clouded windowpane and then a lush grove of tropical palms. To complement the video, he made metre-high drawings of several scenes: Forest, Fog, Ice, and Rain (2012). Despite their almost photographic realism, they are almost entirely imaginary, the artist says, reconstructed from frames in his video.

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