‘I decided to choose Sanchong as the epitome of Taiwan to document the heavy cost of rapid economic developments.’

Born, 1949, Taichung, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taipei.

Born in 1949, Hsieh Chun-Te gave up formal education after his first year at Sha-Lu Industrial High School. He worked as a steel factory apprentice, for an advertising company and as a bicycle keeper in a post office. In 1967 he went to Taipei City and began his photographic career, working in photojournalism, fashion and music photography. He aimed to express Taiwanese culture in imagery, often working on very long term projects that span years or decades. Living and working in the gritty satellite city of Sanchong, home to a transient, floating population of immigrants from elsewhere in Taiwan, Hsieh Chun-Te documented the life of the people, producing a large body of work from the 1980s to 2011. He heard tales of rural women and teenage girls being trafficked and sold into prostitution, and of their frantic attempts to escape this fate. RAW – Bitches is Hsieh’s response. The naked bodies of his models, hanging like carcasses in an abattoir, represent his denunciation of gendered violence.

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