‘Ambiguity is the most attractive thing.’

Born 1988, Taipei, Taiwan. Lives and works Taipei

Huang Ko-Wei is fascinated by colour, and most especially by how the technologies of colour reproduction have altered our perception. He says he wants to ‘wrap and cover the world with the colour spectrum’, from the whitest of whites to the darkest of blacks. Huang applies lozenge-like dashes of cyan,magenta and yellow as a reference to the CMYK printing process, and  adds the red, green and blue of the RGB colour model. His primary subject of birds in the forest applied to the canvas from photographs is intended to expand the field of painting and push its traditional boundaries: these aviaries of the imagination are the artist’s way of experimenting with the science of colour. ‘Do we really see the world around us as it is?’ asks Huang. His vivid canvases suggest that perhaps today we visualise everything as a colour reproduction, a simulation of the real.

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