‘ I used relief lines and few changes in texture to demonstrate the helpless, hopeless feelings of teenagers of this generation.’

Born 1980, Taipei. Lives and works in Taipei.

Trained in traditions of Chinese painting and printmaking, Huang Wan-Ling combines her command of technique with sly references to today’s world in compositions that intentionally evoke the long horizontal compositions of the ancient Buddhist frescoes of the Dunhuang caves. The Travel Notes series records Huang Wan-Ling’s memories of adventures with friends.  They recall Instagram moments yet they are created in the laborious, time-consuming and exacting technique of wood-block printing. In their own ‘floating world’ the artist and her friends eat McDonalds, smoke and gossip on a park bench, pose for selfies, or lounge aimlessly at a gas station in Vermont. Quirky details abound – roast ducks fly across the sky next to live ones, and the details of dogs, cats, birds and insects are as beautifully observed in these woodcut prints as those of the main characters. Huang says, ‘The theme of my prints came from the photo-stickers I took with friends years ago. We would set up stories and role plays and then pressed the shutter to record the images. Time, space and memories were compressed into one single frame and became a purchasable, feigned object at the moment. I chose wood engraving to re-produce these images in order to show “depth” out of the plane surface, because I didn’t want these fragments of memories became completely flat and commercialized at the end.’

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