“I want a world that is transparent, where people’s hearts can be understood at a glance.”

Born Qinhuangdao, Hebei, 1984

One of the youngest artists in the White Rabbit Collection, Jin Nü is part of the one-child generation, fussed over by doting parents and encouraged from birth to express their individuality. “My work comes from me … my growing up, my love,” says the artist, whose works are tinged with escapism and nostalgia for lost childhood. Several refer to fairytales, with girls transforming into mermaids and centaurs. Exuviate II: Where Have All the Children Gone? (2005) is a collection of twenty delicate girls’ dresses, translucent and seemingly floating in air. These are not, Jin Nü insists, a memorial to the female babies who continue to be murdered by the million in China. Instead, they represent silken chrysalises, the remnants of her and her friends’ childhood selves. “As we grow up and look back on the past, it seems that other than memories, all we have left are the material things that are outgrown year after year, constantly reminding us that time is flying by.”

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