‘We adopt Canton as the theme and try to discuss the “Cantoneseness” left in the young generation of Cantonese people in terms of geography, language and culture.’

Jiu Society’s 3 members, Fang Di, Ji Hao and Jin Haofan, were born and raised in Shenzhen – they consider themselves ‘experimental products’  of China’s Reform and Opening policies. They are each artists in their own right, but when working together in what they have dubbed, tongue-in-cheek,  ‘A Shenzhen Original Low-cost Independent Male Artists Group’, their works reflect the concerns of their generation, children of hard-working parents who migrated from all over China to the new Special Economic Region in search of a better future. For Jiu Bobo, they re-enacted a viral North Korean video of a small child performing a kitsch song. The words, ‘Daddy loves me, Mummy loves me, love me, kiss me and hug me … ’ become a camp, satirical song of praise to their city against a deliberately low-fi backdrop of demolition, new construction, propaganda slogans and a looming statue of  Deng Xiaoping.

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