“With all the political turmoil happening in Hong Kong, art is an outlet for me to express the peace I crave.”

b.1978, Hong Kong. Lives and works in Hong Kong

“All crows are black,” the Chinese saying goes: bad men are the same wherever you go. In Hong Kong, where money rules and he had none, Lam Tung-pang felt surrounded by black crows. So he started painting them, using a calligraphic brush and a mix of ink and acrylic paint to complete one bird each day for a year. Where Is the White Crow? (2009-10) depicts, in the apt English expression, a murder of crows. Each swooping shadow is pinioned to a one-foot-square canvas that represents the unit of real-estate trading—and, some joke, of thought—in a city where space is at a premium: apartments the size of this work are considered spacious and sell for an average $A1 million.

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