“I am interested in limits and boundaries: between people, between people and objects, between the photographer and the subject.”

Born Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 1989

The Insomnia series of photographs (2010) was taken with a time-lapse camera.  Living in a big city, Liao Yuan says, “I can see the moon at night but hardly any stars. So I decided to focus on the moon’s movements over time.”  The moon has always resonated with writers, she adds.  One of her favourite classical verses is “Thinking of You”, by the 11th-century poet Su Shi (Su Dongpo): “Dancing with my moonlit shadow / It does not seem like the human world / … Though far apart, we can still share the beauty of the moon together.”  While Liao Yuan was setting up her camera, “I felt I was writing my own ‘Thinking of You’,” she says.  That the moon did not move in an arc was “a big surprise …  I was expecting a beautiful curve.  Instead, the moon makes a fluorescent tube shape.  But this is such a common item in people’s homes that I think it makes them look twice when they see it in the sky.”

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