Chang Keng-Hau 張耿豪 Chang Geng-Hwa 張耿華 Llunc Lin 林昆穎 Ken Chen 陳志建

Born Taiwan, 1980 (exc. Ken Chen, born 1979)

Luxury Logico consists of the Chang twins and two friends, who pool their diverse skills—in mechanics, computing, music, theatre design, lighting and photography—and often enlist further help for specific works. They liken their group to a Transformer, a playful entity whose shape can be changed with a few folds and twists. Scripting (2011) uses intricately choreographed lights to paint in darkness—a hypnotically moving echo of traditional Chinese calligraphy generated by a computer script. Its sound track is by John Cage. Solar (2010) combines computer technology and old and new approaches to lighting to create a mesmerising artificial sun. Installing it was a performance in itself. The artists say they made the work both to encourage recycling and to convey optimism about a high-tech future. For Project Woodpecker: Treignac (2010), the artists used stop-frame animation to create a jerky movie in which a cellar in an old French house becomes … something else entirely. Suspended from the gallery ceiling, Wandering (2016) is an eight-metre-long, 300-kg avian robot that moves as sinuously as a sea snake with oars for fins or a millipede with paddle-shaped legs. It can be anything the viewer imagines it to be, the artists say. Which is really what Luxury Logico is all about.

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