‘We exist on an individual basis and we have the freedom to choose. But we can’t survive without bonding with others in society. As such, our freedom – our choices – always affects another’s freedom positively or negatively.’

Born 1982, Chongqing Lives and works in Tokyo.

Having studied in the powerhouse oil painting department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and then in New York at the New York Academy of Art, Nimuë (real name Yang Yuanyuan) turned her attention to animating her paintings as GIFs. She focuses on the absurd, and deals with taboo subjects of sex, gender and violence with a touch of whimsy. Each GIF or short animation creates a surreal moment in which things are not what they seem: a vagina becomes a mouth, breasts squeeze lemon juice onto a bald head, hands emerge from various orifices and the expression ‘to kiss ass’ is given a literal interpretation. In Nimuë’s work human sexual desire is seen as somewhat absurd. She said: ‘I tend to reveal taboos of society – dangerous, dirty, and crazy – with an aesthetic of humor in my works. Am I attacking the society? Am I trying to heal myself? Am I reconciling with the world though my works? I am not sure.’

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