b.1984, Shandong

Wang Haiyang derives his weirdly compelling imagery from dreams and Freudian iconography; his method, he says, is inspired by the creation of Tibetan sand mandalas. Each of the artist’s animated works consists of around 2000 pictures made on the same few sheets of sandpaper. In a process that takes more than 1000 hours, every “frame” is drawn with pigment, photographed, then erased; the resulting images are then sequenced to make the final work. Wang Haiyang’s “animated paintings” take about a year to complete—as long as many sand mandalas do. Like them, he says, his sandpaper pictures are intended to be “destroyed without leaving a trace”. Yet photography and video give them both a mysterious immortality. (The animation Double Fikret (2012) gets its title from “a random Turkish name” the artist found online.)

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