I am most interested in the relationship between art and reality, and the artist’s own identity.”

b.1963, Taipei, Taiwan

Wang Jun-Jieh is an academic, a professor at an arts university in Taipei, but he is also well versed in advertising and business, having been art director for a successful fashion studio. With his creative art projects, he has no qualms about enlisting teams of professional assistants or seeking commercial sponsorship. Project Rrose: Love and Death (2011) was inspired by a peepshow-based work by Marcel Duchamp (who at one time used the pseudonym Rrose Sélavy). The viewer sees beautiful scenery, naked bodies (but never faces), erotic toys, straw and a gas lamp, all filmed in such high resolution that they seem surreal. The plot, if there is one, is elusive, but the imagery is haunting. Wang Jun-Jieh says the work is a visual exploration of the same questions that animated Duchamp: “What is the essence of art? What challenges does contemporary art face? In this work, … at the end everything goes up in flames, creating the answer that there is no answer for these questions.”

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