‘My works are an effort to reflect on the essential nature of images and through them discuss the act of “viewing”.’

Born Taipei, Taiwan, 1981. Lives and works in Taipei and Berlin.

Wu Chi-Tsung believes in transparency. Seeing how illusions are created, he believes, helps counter our tendency to mistake them for the real thing. In Wire IV (2009), he sets an ordinary piece of wire mesh in front of the movable lens of a projector, creating a shadow play in which nature and artifice alternately merge and separate. What at first seem to be ghostly hills or clouds grow ever larger until their true source, the wire grid, becomes clear. The work deliberately invokes the shanshui landscape paintings the artist once studied. Crystal City 007 (2015) is a dream landscape of a different kind, a cluster of transparent skyscrapers that seem to sprout like quartz crystals from the gallery wall, “joining and expanding according to a set internal rhythm” as shifts in light and shadow make the viewer believe he is seeing them from orbit. “Crystal City” is the artist’s term for the virtual world of media and the internet in which most of us live. It is a place we all too easily mistake for reality, he says: “We seem to be constantly drawn into the world of images. But now and then, all of a sudden, we wake up.”

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