“I am one of those artists who are more concerned with their own feelings and imagination.”

Born 1987, Yichun, Jiangxi. Lives and works in Hangzhou

That Yi Lian’s videos reflect inner visions is not surprising: his vision is poor in daylight and even worse in the dark. His lush, colour-saturated videos avoid the ups and downs of conventional narrative and instead derive their energy from tensions between the real and the surreal. In Undercurrent (2012)a sleepwalking boy, played by the artist’s nephew, who suffers from somnambulism, wanders in the dark by the riverside. Oblivious to ducks, tortoises and frogs, he also fails to see—or perhaps sees in his dream—a series of shirtless men, also sleepwalking, who stumble into the black water and drown. The eerie video gives equal validity and value to the natural world and the world of the unconscious, which for the psychoanalyst Carl Jung was “pure nature”.

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