‘”Reality” and “Truth” are two words that have been brought up repeatedly in the past decade. The meaning of them became gradually obscure and abstract although they were once precise. ‘

Born 1989, Shandong. Lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

What is a head without a brain? Zhu Changquan’s digital illusions are underpinned by this notion of a zombie-like life-form that cannot function in the world, make decisions, or discern truth from lies. He suspects that the modern world is turning us all into ‘heads without brains’, mindlessly seeking ‘likes’ on social media and vanishing down wormholes of Youtube watching, Netflix bingeing, and celebrity gossip-mongering. With the digital magic of 3D software Zhu creates fairy-tale landscapes presented as backlit, enchanting miniature worlds.  Today, we move so easily between our real and online worlds, moving effortlessly between virtual and physical experiences. Zhu’s immersive ‘fake’ environments feel very real. He asks: Can we tell the difference – and does it matter?

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