Born 1984, Jiangxi. Lives and works in Shanghai

Zhu Zi (real name Wu Jian’an) is a charmingly wacky artist who also goes by the name Andy Mo. Sculpture is a relatively new field for him. For years drawings were his main preoccupation—Highway, Water Snake and Dusk (2013) are part of a large series of landscapes in pencil and graphite on paper. Long Nose and Short Nose, Mudding Sheep and Mushroom Plants (all 2015) were attempts to translate elements of his flat, pattern-focused style into three dimensions; Long Nose is a literally drawn-upon sculpture, entirely “coloured in” with pencil and graphite. Like many of the drawings, the sculptures represent vaguely organic forms and were inspired by plants, animals and rural scenes. Zhu Zi says he set out to simplify and abstract so that viewers can read their own feelings and associations into the works.

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